About Us

We’re still here… the generation that thought we wouldn’t live to see 50 is running headfirst into our retirement years. Senior living… the words made us shudder with dread. Don’t tell us. We don’t want to hear it. Ear muffs. Ear muffs. Turn up the amplifier to eleven.

Yet, here we are.

It’s okay. We’re figuring this out. We’re taking our experiences and our head-banger attitude to the fourth quarter. We’re finding ways to make the most of our retirement and finding ways to feel better. We’re doing this by staying fit, eating right, and battling in our own laid back way.

We’re here to share our experiences with services and products that get pitched to us.

We are here to find exercises that work for our aging bodies and to discover healthy foods that don’t taste like canned chicken in a blender.

We are here to make our dollars stretch in ways our bodies no longer can. You know – for those times you’re in the hospital getting calls from the billing office of another hospital. We’ve got to find a better way.

We are here to share our knowledge because these days, retirement planning and senior living are a lot more than sitting in rocking chairs (although we’re not unfamiliar with rocking out).

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