Practical Considerations

Our Practical Considerations category addresses events and situations that seniors may encounter, such as home modifications, estate planning, understanding healthcare coverage, downsizing, and finding appropriate transportation solutions. These topics address important aspects of senior living to ensure comfort, security, and convenience.

hands holding a tiny home

Making the Decision to Downsize

Life is full of transitions. Your transition from a busy adult life to the more relaxed lifestyle of retirement and senior citizen status has its share of adjustments. From retirement from a full-time job to learning how Medicare works to becoming a full-fledged member of AARP, your move to gaining status as a full-fledged senior citizen is one of the biggest transitions you’ll ever make.

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Active Retirement Communities: Your Guide to an Engaging Senior Lifestyle

Taking a Giant Leap Making the move to a retirement community opens up new possibilities for community living, an active lifestyle, and social connections. For many seniors today, retiring no longer means slowing down. Instead, it is viewed as a time to embrace new adventures and passions. Active retirement communities cater to this mindset, offering […]

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ChairSpeaker: A Better TV Speaker Solution

he ChairSpeaker solves one of the biggest causes of tension in an otherwise content family: the volume of the TV. We can lose our hearing due to any number of environmental factors from working in a factory to years of listening to our favorite music for years. This auditory assault on the sensitive receptors in our eardrums eventually takes its toll. It really isn’t noticeable to us at first. We just “turn up the volume,” when we can’t hear something.

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