Senior Exercises [IS INJURY INEVITABLE?]

As a senior, in many ways, it’s more vital to adhere to a solid exercise plan than as a young person. Young and old alike are both susceptible to injury but injuries that may be considered minor during your youth could be catastrophic as a senior.

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Too Old To Join A Fitness Class? NEVER!

What’s your most frequent excuse for not joining a fitness class? You’ve never tried one. It’s been years (and years). They’re too hard. You don’t know which one is best for you. The bottom line is, when working on their own, most people don’t work as hard as they would as when they exercise with…

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Strength Training for Balance [DOES IT WORK?]

Finding Your Balance With Strength Training When Did the World Tip Over? At first, it may have been a subtle shuffle here or there. Maybe you tried to get out of a chair and fell back ward (good thing it was a comfy chair) or maybe you were just side-stepping in the kitchen to access…

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