ChairSpeaker: A Better TV Speaker Solution

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A New Answer to An Old Problem

The ChairSpeaker solves one of the biggest causes of tension in an otherwise content family: the volume of the TV. We can lose our hearing due to any number of environmental factors from working in a factory to years of listening to our favorite music for years. This auditory assault on the sensitive receptors in our eardrums eventually takes its toll. It really isn’t noticeable to us at first. We just “turn up the volume,” when we can’t hear something. The problem shows itself when we watch TV with others. One person is losing their hearing and turns up the volume to an acceptable level but it’s too high for the rest of the viewers. It can reach a point where the audio is too high for everyone else in the room to actually enjoy and they either complain or stop watching shows together. It can make us feel isolated in our own family.

Other Ideas Still Created Issues

A lot of wireless TV speakers for seniors are created with little thought and zero testing. Some recliner speakers are just slapped together with no thought as to how the sound was actually directed to the user. Some wireless TV speaker ideas are more popular but still have drawbacks. The engineers behind ChairSpeaker addressed these issues, one by one.

Soundbars Aren’t Always Welcome

With a living room soundbar, the problem of the same. loud volume is still an issue. Plus, many apartment complexes have rules against using soundbars in their buildings.

Table Speakers are Still Loud for Everyone

The biggest problem with table speakers is that it’s still loud for everyone near you. Plus, they don’t always sync up with the video. ChairSpeaker uses a directional speaker system and an independent volume control which means only the user hears the TV at a higher volume.

Headphones Build Walls

Headphones cause sweat and become heavy. Plus, you can’t wear them over hearing aids. The problem with headphones, beyond the bulk, is that it isolates the listener from their environment. Combating feelings of alienation is an ongoing problem with not only the elderly, but with anyone who suffers from hearing loss. Headphones only make the situation worse. With the ChairSpeaker, the user is still connected to the environment. That means they can still hear the phone, doorbell and any alarms or alerts that may be going off. They can also hear everyone else in the room and that interaction is precious time for everyone.

Sound at the Speed of Light

Most people try and get away with using Bluetooth speakers for TVs. There’s a thirty millisecond delay when using the fastest Bluetooth technology available as of this writing (2019). That latency is enough to cause an echo effect when the TV speakers are playing simultaneously. Simply put, Bluetooth isn’t fast enough yet to handle a broadcast. Since ChairSpeaker uses infrared technology, the latency period is only three milliseconds – not discernible enough to cause an echo.

Setting Up the Chair Speaker

Mounting the speakers is a breeze. It wraps over the top of the chair like any cover would. You drop it over the back of the seat, adjust the height so the speakers come down to ear level and bend it in the back to secure it. It doesn’t require a handyman to set it up and you don’t need special tools, a moving crew or a new decorator. The ChairSpeaker team utilizes the same technology you find on those cool wraparound tripods that people use for the cellphone photos. This means you can mount it on practically any chair or bed. You don’t have to pay $5,000.00 for a special chair, you don’t have to drill holes in your walls or rip open your couch and you don’t need to buy a gaming chair that would look tacky in your living room.

ChairSpeaker on back of chair
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You can mount the speakers on a chair up to 33 feet away. Okay, would you even be able to see the television screen at 33 feet away? Well, if you need it, the technology is there.

The ChairSpeaker runs on a 12-volt power supply. You won’t have to worry about the batteries running down on at 3:00 AM during an insomniac’s binge. This also eliminates the other issue of a 3:00 AM binge: the TV volume waking up everyone else in the home.

Volume Control for Chair Speaker

Single Volume Knob
There’s no problem with learning new technology with these speakers. There’s only a volume knob and it controls the 5-watt speakers, not the TV. That isn’t hard to figure out although young people might have a problem with it since it isn’t digital and you can’t talk to it (yet).

No Running or Hiding Wires
ChairSpeaker works with infrared technology so you don’t have to worry about hiding cables under the carpet. You plug the RCA connectors to the output jack on the TV. The speakers pick up the infrared more accurately and more quickly than Bluetooth technology. The biggest obstacle here is that the transmitting box needs to line up with the speakers in the same way that a remote control works.

Once the speakers and transmitter are in sync, the other problem people usually have is that the volume is different from one ear to the other. As these are directional speakers, you can turn one of the speakers slightly away from your ear and the volume will decrease.

Voice Enhancing Technology

ChairSpeaker has one more trick up its sleeve to play over other TV enhancing chair speakers: Voice enhancement. Bass audio carries more easily than higher sounds. This can drown out dialog, especially when watching movies. The engineers figured out a way to fix this.
After the speakers receive the audio signal from the transmitter, the ChairSpeaker filters the sound and enhances dialog so that the voices are heard more clearly over the background music.

What You’ll Get in The Box

When your ChairSpeaker is shipped to you, you’ll get the following:

  • A digital output cable (TOS Link)
  • RCA to RCA Cable
  • RCA to 3.5 mm cable (Very handy for using ChairSpeaker with a mini PC or computer monitor that only has USB ports and a headphone jack).
  • Transmitter
  • Two identical power supplies (12-volt) with 20-foot cords.
  • The speakers (One pair)

The volume knob is on the left speaker (when you’re facing them), the power supply connects to the right speaker and then plugs into the wall.

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How to Connect the ChairSpeaker Transmitter to Your TV

To connect the transmitter to the television, KARE, LLC has enclosed three different types of cables for every situation. You only need to use one of the following:

  • Digital Optical Cable (12 feet long)
  • RCA to RCA Stereo Audio Jacks (12 feet long)
  • 3.5mm (headphone) jack (6 feet long). When using this cable, the other speakers are off, just like any other headphone plug.
ChairSpeaker Connection Options

Note: If your TV has no audio output, just use the audio out from the cable or satellite box.

  • Connect the power supply into the transmitter and plug into an outlet.
  • A red light on the transmitter will light up and you should see a bank of LED lights on the front of the transmitter turn on, too.
  • Position the transmitter so that it’s in direct line with the speakers. It needs a line of sight but there will be no interference from microwaves, cellphones, radio, etc..
  • Adjust the volume with the knob and direction of the speakers.

KARE, LLC Develops From Personal Experience

The KARE company knows about hearing loss as a hereditary condition. Generations of dealing with the daily challenges of hearing loss, including trying to hear the TV, led to the development of the Chair Speaker. They believe in this product enough to name the company after members of their family.

KARE LLC has a phone number you can call Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 5:00 PM EST.

There is also an email support on their website.

If you visit their website, you’ll see the current pricing. They also have payment plan available through Klarna.

It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty. Oh, and free shipping.

Try it risk free for 30 days with no credit card or credit check.

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