save money on internet

How to Cut Your Phone & Internet Bill to Under $50

Phone Carriers & Internet Providers Keep Raising the Rates I remember one day, just shaking my head that somehow, I was paying nearly three hundred dollars per month between my cell phone, cable and internet. I hardly watch TV but I do need the internet for work. Luckily, I don’t need a high speed connection, […]

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life line screening review

Life Line Screening [Review]

Getting a Life Line Screening can be a controversial subject. We’re going to take a closer look at what they do, answer some questions and give a little personal insight into their services so you can weigh the pros and cons for yourself.

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consoling a grieving friend

How to Help Someone in Shock With Grief

A Sad and Uncomfortable Feeling Talking to someone who is grieving can feel awkward and uncomfortable. It’s difficult to navigate such a complex situation. The shock of losing someone leaves a person reeling and inconsolable. Trying to determine the right approach to take, whether through humor or by being sympathetic, can make you feel you’re […]

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ChairSpeaker: A Better TV Speaker Solution

A New Answer to An Old Problem The ChairSpeaker solves one of the biggest causes of tension in an otherwise content family: the volume of the TV. We can lose our hearing due to any number of environmental factors from working in a factory to years of listening to our favorite music for years. This […]

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naturally lower blood pressure

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

It Comes Out of Nowhere The other day, I was on my way home from the gym when I decided to pull into a local convenience store to purchase a lottery ticket. I don’t usually play the lottery but as the jackpot was over $400 million dollars, I figured it was worth risking two dollars.

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functional fitness video

Functional Fitness [VIDEO]

Hey Beautiful People! A few of you have asked about a Functional Fitness video we had here. Well, long story short – the player didn’t play nice with our website. From what I have seen around the web, we’re not alone. We’ve got a new, more elegant solution to show videos (okay, we’re just embedding […]

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organize your mind with tech

Organize Your Mind with Tech

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just plain wired, it’s only natural to blame technology.We’re constantly being tagged with notifications and it send that we’re staying at our phones every other minute.But let’s take a step back here. We choose to keep in touch. We choose to remain on notification overload.Don’t shoot the messenger. Take […]

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see doctor prior to exercise

Senior Exercises [IS INJURY INEVITABLE?]

As a senior, in many ways, it’s more vital to adhere to a solid exercise plan than as a young person. Young and old alike are both susceptible to injury but injuries that may be considered minor during your youth could be catastrophic as a senior.

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senior fitness

Too Old To Join A Fitness Class? NEVER!

What’s your most frequent excuse for not joining a fitness class? You’ve never tried one. It’s been years (and years). They’re too hard. You don’t know which one is best for you. The bottom line is, when working on their own, most people don’t work as hard as they would as when they exercise with […]

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zoom like new

Wake Up! Scents to Get You Rolling

What are your favorite, “Wake You Up,” smells that get you rolling in the morning? Coffee? Bacon? French Toast?There are some great aromatherapy scents to help you get moving when the alarm goes off that are not only effective, they are easier on your waistline. The Best Scents for Waking Up #1) Citrus The Citrus […]

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