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Realize Life Balance With Aromatherapy

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Feel better with aromatherapy

Evolving from, “Some Hippy Fad,” that included scented candles and incense that were used primarily to hide what were at the time, “illicit,” smokables, Aromatherapy has been scientifically proven to be useful as a mood modifier. What was once used to mask offensive odors is now a bona fide tool for helping to manage everything from focus to dreams.

Aromatherapy Explained

The practice of aromatherapy is actually the practice of extracting oils from plants – both flowers and herbs – and combining them to regulate your nervous system by stimulating different receptors in your brain.

Does the smell of coffee wake you up? Does the smell of fresh rain trigger memories of splashing in puddles in your youth? That’s aromatherapy at work.
These days, the oils are found in candles, lotions, as a stand-alone product, or even a bath bomb. Any way you waft it, essential oils can do wonders for your spirit and overall well being.

What Are the Uses of Aromatherapy?

There are plenty of uses for aromatherapy. If you need a physical change or an emotional change, chances are good that there’s an aromatherapist out there that has combined oils to elicit that change.
Eucalyptus can be used in the shower to help with sinus congestion. Tea tree oil (melaleuca) is often a preferred alternative to rubbing alcohol as an effective antiseptic when used with a carrier oil (carrier oils are simply oils that are more mild than essential oils and are the preferred method of applying essential oils to the skin – you should never apply essential oils directly to the skin).

How Does Using Aromatherapy Help Me Balance Life?

Balancing Pebbles
Creating balance is an exercise in patience.

We’ve already discussed that aromatherapy works by using essential oils to trigger responses in the brain. One of the best ways to use this to our advantage is by achieving a more restful sleep. Sleep is its own powerful force but also something that we seem to chase with less success as we age. A little lavender in a sachet near your pillow will not only help you fall asleep, it’ll also help you achieve deeper sleep, giving your body and mind a chance for more rest.

If we start by taking deep breaths and breathing in the aroma of vanilla, this will start to calm the body and the mind. Reducing stress is a big chore but can be achieved with the right tools.

Now, try waking up to the fresh scent of Rosemary oil. You’ve had restful sleep with lavender, reduced your stress with vanilla, and now, you’re going to gain focus with Rosemary. Gaining more focus will make you more efficient, making your days goals seem more attainable and thus, giving you more free time for pleasurable activities.

This is an easy start. From there, aromatherapy can be used to help alleviate everything from chronic health issues to depression, depending on your level of expertise and commitment.
Essential oils can also aid in boosting your immunity. There’s no, “cure all,” here but it can also aid in your recovery. If you need a boost of energy, try sage or citrus. Like a sculptor, chipping away to create a delicate masterpiece, managing stress and finding balance can happen with thoughtful intentions and that’s where aromatherapy really helps.

The most important thing about using aromatherapy to find balance in your life is actually making a conscious decision to use it and use it correctly.

There are no magic wands here but the benefits will occur naturally and therefore, last as long as you continue to use them. It doesn’t take much of a change to start to feel better and sometimes, “better,” can feel amazing.

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